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Since establishing the Honest Harvest brand, we have reached 1000’s of families with our handcrafted pasta, gourmet ravioli, and fresh pesto combinations. Our delicious pasta will transform how you think pasta should look, taste, and most importantly, how it makes you feel.

We Start with Organic, Whole Grains

The owners of Honest Harvest Pasta grew up in the heartland of America, knowledgeable about best practices in farming and agriculture. We believe that for great nutrition and taste, products should be clean, honest and not modified in any way. That is why we start with organic, whole grains as the foundation of our pasta.

Organic durum wheat is the basis for our legendary Flavored Pasta and Gourmet Ravioli.  Our Heirloom Grain Pasta features two types of wheat that have never been hybridized - KAMUT® Khorasan Wheat and Einkorn.  We buy high quality USDA organic whole grains in large bags, so you get the nutritional benefits from the entire wheat berry – the bran, germ, and endosperm (semolina).


We Mill Our Own Flour from the Whole Grains

As we make each batch of handcrafted pasta, we mill our own flour. This is a time-consuming process but adds to the freshness, flavor, and nutrition of our pasta.  With each bite of delicious Honest Harvest pasta, you receive a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins, minerals. and fiber from the whole grains. In addition, use of whole grains has shown to provide loads of antioxidants with properties to fight inflammation. Our pasta never uses any bleached or processed flour.


We Add Fresh Vegetables, Herbs and Spices

Unlike store-bought, factory-produced pasta, Honest Harvest pasta never uses vegetable powder or fillers. We only use fresh vegetables, herbs, and spices. When possible, we source organic ingredients from local farmers and farmer’s market vendors.

Our Spinach Ribbons, Spinach Angel Hair, and Gluten Free Spinach Angel Hair use a lot of fresh spinach – like a mountain of fresh spinach - because as we all know spinach isn’t as portable as an apple or as fun as a protein bar. The result is a spinach pasta that is beautiful bright green and provides a serving of vegetables with every meal.

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