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All Honest Harvest Pasta is handcrafted in small batches to give your pasta great taste and nutrition. We have perfected our ingredients, flavor combinations, and processes over many years. We believe our Flavored Pasta, Heirloom Grain Pasta, and Gluten Free Pasta are the best selection of pastas on the market today!

We Start with Our Milled, Organic Grains

Our first step in making great pasta is milling our own flour from organic grains. This is done at the time each batch is made, and never beforehand. This ensures the freshest and most nutritious pasta possible.


Next, We Infuse the Flour with Fresh Vegetables, Herbs, and Spices

In this step we combine our fresh-milled flour with fresh vegetables, herbs and spices that results in great flavor combinations such as Basil Garlic, Rosemary Garlic, Roasted Garlic, and Mushroom. All ingredients are mixed thoroughly for several minutes so that the delicious flavors are infused directly into the pasta.
For our Kamut® brand khorasan wheat Mafalda Ribbons, Angel Hair and Einkorn Angel Hair we only use the 100% USDA organic milled flour with fresh water to make the pasta dough. You can be assured that the final product is pure heirloom grain goodness.



The Dough is Extruded Through Brass Dies

Now the pasta takes form into one of our popular shapes. Mafalda Ribbons, Angel Hair, Fusilli, and Shells are our pasta shapes of choice. Brass dies give our pasta their rough appearances, so sauces can cling to them better.


Pasta is Dried Using Traditional Methods

Instead of using high heat drying machines, we use slow and controlled drying times, ensuring the pasta takes its time to dry properly in a controlled environment. This method retains the taste and nutritional value of the pasta.


The Final Product

All our pasta has a local, artisan small batch touch. The tomatoes we use create a beautiful shade of pink, beets create a deep red, spinach a bright green, roasted butternut squash a deep gold color, carrots a lively orange, and mushrooms lend a hand to a deep tan. Honest Harvest Pasta has beautiful eye-catching colors and shapes that instantly provide familiarity once you see it.

Most importantly is the taste. Unlike store-bought pasta which tastes bland, Honest Harvest Pasta has flavors that explode in your mouth! There is no need for heavy, overpowering sauces. Our pasta is great with simple melted butter or olive oil with fresh grated Parmesan cheese.



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